How the Journey Began

20180728_101839 (1)I’ve always been amazed by the incredible beauty that is all around us. Growing up in a small town in eastern Utah my siblings and I would spend countless hours watching sunsets, rain storms, the starry night sky, horses, deer, and whatever else there was to see.

When I was about eight I had my first experience painting with oil paints. I sat with my grandma as we worked together to paint a wooden picture of mushrooms and wild flowers for my other grandma. I’ll always remember the smell and feel of using those paints. To this day Grandma still has that picture and hangs it in each of the houses that she has lived in.

Though it was a memory that I’ve always cherished, I never used oil paints again until only a few years ago. I have sketched here and there but the only art class that I ever had was when I was in seventh grade. It may be surprising but getting a degree in Special and Elementary Education hasn’t increased my art skill.

In about 2013 I asked by husband for paints for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to see if I could make anything that even resembled a picture. As I painted I realized I loved it and things were even turning out!

For the last few years I’ve been able to create some lovely pieces. Each piece takes a while to do especially with my five sweet kiddos who also love to paint (every one of my paintings have been painted on by at least one of my kids).

I’m still in awe by the stunning world we get to live in.  God didn’t have to make it so exquisite, but because he does, I get to use some of the daily inspiration he gives in my paintings. I feel very blessed to be able to add to the beauty in the world with  each painting that I finish.received_1859872267368786

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TMD Fine Art Studio

I've been painting close to six years now. With no art training, learning the paints and techniques has been a slow process. One that I have absolutely loved. I have been truly blessed to be able to get to paint. God gave us such a beautiful world to live in. I love that I get to use his daily inspiration around us in my paintings. And when I finish a piece, I can help bring His beauty into someone's home!

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