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Visit me during this virtual event! I hope to see you there!

Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Show February 2020

Fountain Festival of the Arts November 2019

Rocky Mountain Gun Show June 2019 (ABQ)

Outdoor Adventure Hunting and Fishing Show 2019 (ABQ)

Connections (Phoenix)


Loma Colorado Library Month Display (Rio Rancho)

Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Show (Albuquerque)20170216_142008


There are also multiple locations where my work can be viewed and/or bought at.

Cabela’s (Albuquerque)

Celebrate Dental and Braces (Bernalillo)

Celebrate Dental and Braces (Albuquerque)


The Gardner Clinic of Chiropractic (Albuquerque)

Injury and Trauma Clinic (Albuquerque)

The Range Cafe (Rio Grande location in Albuquerque)

Range Cafe (Bernalillio)