OryxintheMIssileRangesignedbigwatermarkI love nature! One of my very favorite things are clouds! There are so many stunning shapes and colors and they are always unique! Many of my painting are in influenced by clouds from photographs that I’ve taken. I absolutely love when my kids will stop me to have me come look at some that they are sure that I’ll like. There have even been times when we would have to pull over when driving or stop on our walks so that we can take some pictures. 


All of these pictures were taken within the last couple of weeks. Monsoon season in New Mexico makes for some incredible cloud gazing times!

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TMD Fine Art Studio

I've been painting close to six years now. With no art training, learning the paints and techniques has been a slow process. One that I have absolutely loved. I have been truly blessed to be able to get to paint. God gave us such a beautiful world to live in. I love that I get to use his daily inspiration around us in my paintings. And when I finish a piece, I can help bring His beauty into someone's home!

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