Autumn Playtime

Autumn Play Time

This is my biggest painting so far, it is 36×36 inches oil on canvas. It is my hybrid painting I took the reference photos while scouting for elk in New Mexico and painted it after we moved to Alaska. I got the bear reference pictures from the amazing Bo Prieskorn, he is an incredible New Mexican wildlife photographer. Painting the tree bark was my favorite part. After finishing the trees and grasses, I added in the bears. I had to figure out how the light would be on momma bear. That took a bit of research, and playing with the paints to make it look right. I wanted to make this a relaxing scene with cubs playing on the trees and momma laying in the sun. Then I added four hidden things, three animals and one other thing. All together, wouldn’t it be an awesome treat to see while strolling through the forest… from a bit of a distance. This painting is painted on the sides of the canvas. It also has a custom frame as seen in the photo so it can be displayed with or without the frame. As always, all my original paintings are shipped free.